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Posh Nails, a place where you can pamper yourself with all the services that you expect in a modern nail service. We provide great cosmetic treatment to your hands, feet and toenails. Your clean nails will help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Our service is for cosmetic as well as therapeutic purposes.


If you are planning to treat yourself with the best mani-pedi, body scrubbing, threading, facial, waxing, and eyelash extensions...Posh Nails is the place for you. We use state of the art technology for all of our services. Our sets of equipment are sterilized in Auto Cleave technology. See Full Service.

Closed on Memorial Day.

May 26,2017 We will be closed on Memorial Day :)

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May 20,2017Grand Opening!! 20% off till the end of July

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May 23,2015Cosentino's Market will be right next to us, they will be open in June.

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March 21,2015You deserve better, come to us!

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March 20,2017We are almost ready for you

Best Non-Toxic Nail Salon

March 10,2017Best Non-Toxic Nail Salon in Overland Park for you!


At Posh, nail care is our specialty. Your hands and feet are treated with a multi-step pampering ritual.
Offering the latest and greatest in manicures and pedicures with a luxurious ORGANIC treatment.

Posh Pedicure

Bye Bye Callus

Posh Deluxe Pedi

Full Waxing Service

The best Nail Salon in Overland Park for you.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of hygiene with Medical Autoclave Sterilizer for your safety. All technicians unseal the individual sterilized pouch, and disposable file and buffer on each of our clients.